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Retractable awnings do not need to be removed for the winter...

Many suppliers offer a remote control to use with their awnings...

retractable awnings

Your Awning Options

Supplementary Items for Awning Effeciency

Automatic Wind and Sun Controls

Little else can add to the ease of owning motorized retractable awnings. However, having your awnings automatically roll up or unfurl can be a desirable luxury. Light sensors and anemometers will protect your awning from high winds and keep heat and light out off of your deck or patio without you having to go outside or even think about it.


A hood is a protective cover for your awning that keeps moisture, debris and dirt from damaging or dirtying your awning when it is retracted. If an eave or soffit is directly above your awning, a hood might not be necessary.

Outdoor Plug-In

Retractable awnings can be controlled and activated in a number of different ways. You can have the awnings hardwired to your home, with an indoor switch controlling them and electricity run directly to the awning. You can also have either or both of the following: an extension cord powering the awning from an outside switch and a control box outside. These latter two options are less costly, but also less convenient.

Colors and Valances

Awnings are available in a number of different colors and styles. The designs of the awnings themselves are only limited to what the manufacturer of your awning has available. Any pattern can conceivably be made into an awning. Valances are the shape of the portion of the awning that hangs down vertically from the end and can help give your home a certain look or feel.

Backyard Blinds

These blinds, made of the same material and pattern as your awnings, can be rolled vertically down from your awnings to provide privacy, protection from bugs at night, or even protection from rain and light wind.

Storage Wrap-Ups

Instead of a hard plastic or vinyl hood, you might simply choose to buy a storage wrap-up for your awning. It is also made of the same material and pattern as your awning and simply wraps around it for some protection when it is retracted.

Different Mounts

Your awning can be mounted on different parts of your home, depending upon the position and need. Ceiling, roof and standard wall mounts are available. Wall mounts can include vinyl siding, brick and stucco.

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