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Retractable awnings do not need to be removed for the winter...

Many suppliers offer a remote control to use with their awnings...

retractable awnings

Frequently Asked Awning Questions

Retractable Awning FAQ

If my awnings are motorized, how can I move them if my power goes out?

Awnings will generally come with or provide for a small cost a manual override crank that will allow you to furl your awning in the case of power failure or malfunction. 

How big will the awning actually be?

Awnings can be made to nearly any size specification. In terms of actual calculations of size, you will measure an additional six to twelve inches wider than the area you want to cover and twelve to eighteen inches high. This gives you 12”-18” additional width and 12”-24” additional height. 

Will awnings keep rain out?

Awnings are waterproof or water resistant and will block the rain from windows or from your patio. However, in rainy conditions that border on violent or windy thunderstorms, you should retract your awnings if your automatic anemometer has not already. 

At what point should I retract my awnings or set them to automatically do so?

The general rule of thumb for retracting awnings is if it is too uncomfortable for you to sit under. If wind and rain are violent enough to get you wet beneath your awnings while you are under them outdoors, you should probably not have them fully extended.

How long will retractable awnings last?

Awning warranties are generally five years in length. They will usually last longer than this, and discernable signs of aging should not appear for 8-12 years. At this time, fading of the fabric may be noticeable, which can be easily replaced. The timeframe for awning motors is the same.

If I didn’t put in a motor with my awnings, can I have one installed?

It is easier to have a motor installed when the awnings are installed, but it is still possible to put one in afterwards. However, the price of the original awnings combined with that of the new motor installation will come out as slightly more costly than the total cost for awnings and a motor all at once.