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Retractable awnings do not need to be removed for the winter...

Many suppliers offer a remote control to use with their awnings...

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Living in areas like the dry Southwest, the humid Southeast, or even New England in the summertime is not only hot, but expensive.

Retractable awnings can help you to cool your home and cut down on the cost of air conditioning.

Retractable awnings are a better alternative to blinds and curtains.

Awnings block sunlight before it hits your windows, cutting down on the overall heat that enters your home.

The sun and heat of summertime can make outdoor activities difficult and uncomfortable.

Adding retractable awnings to your home allow you to spend time outside even when it’s hot and sunny during the day.

Retractable awnings are easily customizable and attractive.

A variety of colors and styles of retractable awnings are available, as well as mechanical awning options to make operating your awnings easier.

Read more about the awning industry at the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association.

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